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SM Sublimation is the most professional manufacturer and supplier for large format heat press machine, sublimation paper and sublimation ink in Korea.
Based on long years’ accumulated technologies and knowhow in dye sublimation business, SM Sublimation proudly provides the most optimized dye sublimation solutions to the worldwide market. Not only in Korean domestic market, but also in global market, SM Sublimation is currently exporting the heat press machine, sublimation paper and ink to more than 30 countries mostly matured with dye sublimation industry.

One of SM Sublimation specialty is to provide the premium quality sublimation papers from non-sticky paper to full sticky paper according to each application of our partners.
Our standard non-sticky paper is widely used to most of sublimation applications. This paper has an excellent in k transferring rate with more than 98% and renders the richest colors, remaining the truest tone.
It also has a good drying time and wave free in wet condition. Our full sticky paper has a full and adequate stickiness on paper surface which couples stably the fabric and sublimation paper while heat pressing process.
This paper is the most suitable paper to prevent so called "ghosting effect" which happens mostly by the unstable coupling between the fabric and the sublimation paper when the ink is evaporated during the heat pressing. This paper also has a good ink transfer rate and fast drying time too.

SM Sublimation also supplies the premium quality sublimation ink which perfectly matches with it's sublimation ink and heat press machine.
Our sublimation ink is the most purified dye ink through independent purification technology and process.
it makes and excellent color expression, especially for black color tone.

SM Sublimation will continue to develop and introduce the new technology and product for digital textile business, sharing the success with our global partners.